Special occasions we celebrate

Every year on 22nd May, Ram Mohan Mission High School with its parent body, Ram Mohan Mission, celebrates the Birth Anniversary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in a befitting manner. During this function, Ram Mohan Puraskar is awarded to top personalities of extra ordinary achievements and contributions in the field of Science, Arts, Music, Sports, Social Science etc. This was introduced by the Founder President of the Mission Sri Sankar Biswas in 1998.  Former Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly, Actor Soumitra Chatterjee, Sailen Manna, Mahasweta Devi, Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Dr. K. Kasturarangan, Dr. A.Sivathanu Pillai, Dr. G. Madhavan Nair, Dr. Manilal Bhowmik and others are the few major names from the big list of recipients of this Award.

Ram Mohan Mission observes the death anniversary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, every year, which is held at the school’s playground. The principal, members of the mission and school, the students, the teachers together observe the day and pay homage and recall Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s legendary dedication and sacrifice for social reforms in India.

The Mission and the School celebrate Ram Mohan Mela (the Fest) once in every year at a suitable time which is held at the school ground. The students showcase on various aspects of Modern Science as beneficial to the society. Along with that, they also exhibit their talents through graceful dance, songs, short plays, recitation, poster-making, drawing, and painting, etc. Students’ parents / guardians, other guest- visitors & well-wishers also visit the Mela every  year.

On this day students and teachers pay their heartiest tribute to the Founder President Rev. Sankar Biswas as his birthday celebration on 1st December every year. The day is observed as Chetana Diwas, a Social Awareness Day. The basic theme of the Chetna Diwas is to sensitise and aware people and the students to fight out the fierce social evils from the Indian society.

While studying in this school, the students have freedom and affectionate guidance to develop themselves mentally, morally and physically by undertaking extra-curricular activities like Cricket, Kabadi, Football, Badminton, Swimming, Rowing, Trekking & Rock-Climbing, Chess, Dance & Music, Quiz, Debate, Eloquence, Painting, Creative Art and various social activities for grooming themselves dynamically.

Throughout the year, the School and the Mission cater and perform various philanthropic activities such as

  • Providing relief materials to the victims in natural calamities like floods, cyclones, earthquakes and droughts, etc. almost every year.
  • Conducting public awareness campaigns against social evils through speeches, slogans, printed leaflets, press-conferences, street campaigns, etc.
  • On various routine occasions and celebrations of birth anniversary of great souls, are invited and provided best possible assistance to  the helpless senior citizens, destitute women and widows, physically challenged children, the blind and the street children when our school children turn very keen to socialize with them.

As a system, the school holds periodically parents – teachers meetings for communicating information and making up knowledge and queries between the school and the parents / guardians.

It was the very noble heart of Smt. Krishna Biswas who was the true dreamer behind founding the Ram Mohan Mission High School. For her generosity and helping mind for the poor and helpless people specially of the backward districts of the State, she was popularly known as the ideal mother of the poor & downtrodden people. A  scholarship in the name of Krishna Biswas is awarded to the most meritorious students of the school every year during the Annual Day. This scholarship virtually boosts up moral & learning spirit of the students.